Termimesh Termite control system is a marine grade stainless steel mesh designed to be the superior termite barrier. It works as a barrier against termites from the underground, outside environment as well as around the building. The Termimesh system has the following basic features:

1) Environmentally friendly and long-life material.

2) Made of stainless steel and virtually undamaged or corroded by chemicals as well as the activities of termite for a long period of time.

3) The apertures (with the size of about 0.3mm) are too small for termites to squeeze through.

4) Flexible, can be installed in any places and suitable for all types of structures.

Termite management methods applying Termimesh technology for new construction works always follow the technical specifications developed by termite experts and construction professionals. In construction work in Australia, France, Japan, the United States, Singapore and other developed countries, the most effective termite control solution is based on the use of Termimesh system. HNPC is honored to be one of the pioneers in applying this technology in Vietnam.


Advantages of TERMIMESH system

– The Termimesh system was the world’s first environmentally friendly termite barrier made from stainless steel mesh.

– Made of high quality stainless steel which can withstand alkaline and acidic environments; high flexibility with over 80 installation designs for all types of structures.

– It provides the homeowner with a non-toxic alternative that does not require retreatments. There are no chemical residues and it is safe to use around the house and close to where the children play.

– The most effective and durable termite barrier.

– Extremely cost-effective. There is no need for costly ongoing reapplications.

– Warranty period of up to 10 years with frequent and strict inspection and supervision. It is also one of the best warranty policies in this industry today.

– An impressive track record with hundreds of thousands of installations completed in Australia, French, the USA, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam with an outstanding success rate.

– The Termimesh system has the backing of the leading specialist termite control corporation in Australia – TMA Group.

– The quality is controlled from manufacture to installation.

– The Termimesh system has been patented and accredited with certifications from all relevant government bodies in Australia and around the world.

Find more information about Termimesh at www.termimesh.com 

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