How to verify that the company operates seriously?
These questions are considered by many people. Every year, Hanoi Pest Control offers services for thousands of customers, so you could require us to provide contact information of our previous customers to check.
How to contact the company?
Customers only need to call HNPC at following telephone numbers: (024) 2211-0555 ( Head office in Ha Noi), or (028) 3504-7777, or 0974-852-222 ( Office in HCM city). HNPC will provide specific answers for each of your questions.
My house has termites. What should I do?
When detecting termites in your house, keep intact the scene and don’t use any insect repellents. Call Hanoi Pest Control at following phone numbers: (024) 2211-0555 ( Ha Noi head office) or (028) 3504-7777, or 0974-852-222 ( HCM Head office). If possible, we will offer you a free consultation or come to your house for an on-site inspection.
Does it cost me if the technicians come to our house for the inspection?
The answer is No. Hanoi Pest Control provides complete services to customers, and the inspection is totally free even if the customer does not register our services.
Are the company’s services under guarantee?
The answer is Yes. Depending on service type, we will provide from a 1-month guarantee to a 10-year guarantee for customers.
How much does a termite treatment cost?
After examining the type of termites, the extensiveness of damage and characteristics of your house, Hanoi Pest Control will send you the quotation and warranty time. We think that you will be satisfied with the price we offer.
Who will I sign the contract with?
Customers will sign the contract with the company representative or authorized person. In case our staff directly manage the contract, it must be stamped by the company. Hanoi Pest control only ensures benefits of customers when customers sign the contract with us following these mentioned forms.
What kinds of products that the company use for pest control?
All the insect repellents are on the list of authorized use of Viet Nam and the world. Hanoi Pest Control always provides the best insect repellents and try to use other methods of insect control to replace chemical use.
Could the company provide services to multiple locations?

Hanoi Pest Control provides services on a wide range, wherever you are, you can call us to submit the requirements.

Do I really need pest control?
If pest issues can affect your reputation, business activities, or life quality, then the answer is definitely YES.
I want to kill mosquitoes by spraying, is it hazardous?
The answer is NO if you use Hanoi Pest Control services and follow our guidance.