Termite Control For Family

Do you know that termites can seriously affect your financial capacity as well as your health? Because termites can quickly destroy your property, goods and cause fires to your place due to electrical short-circuits, which possibly make you go bankrupt. Besides, termites contaminate your living space (e.g. make it moldy and fusty) and have the negative impact on human health due to harmful gasses they produce.

Signs of termites: Furniture items are damaged; there are extending dirt roads with wood shavings or sand; walls were moldy; broken and discoloured wood; etc.

HNPC provides termite control services for offices and workplaces. After performing a thorough examination of your workplace and identifying the root of the problem, we will then prescribe a customized treatment assuring the criteria “ Safe – Efficient – Economical”. Besides traditional chemical solutions, HNPC has also applied a variety of modern termite control methods which are being utilized around the world.


Receive information
HNPC’s specialist will perform a comprehensive inspection to determine the level of damage from termites to your place.
Develop a treatment plan and quote the service price
Make and execute the contract
Check completed work
Make a maintenance booklet and inspect periodically

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