Warranty Poiycy

– Warranty services: All the services of HNPC are under warranty without any further charge.
– Warranty conditions: Customers using HNPC services will be issued 01 warranty certificate or equivalent documents such as The Contract or Work performance Certificate. During the warranty period, please present one of the mentioned document to confirm that you have used our services to be guaranteed in accordance with the regulations.
– Warranty period: The warranty period is the period of warranty service, from the time when the service is complete until the end of the warranty period. The warranty period for each service is as follows:

1) Mosquito Spray Service: 01-03 month warranty or between the periodic times.
2) Rodent Control Service: 01-03 month warranty or between the periodic times.
3) Termite elimination service: 01-year warranty
4) Termite prevention service: 03-05 year warranty (Warranty period will be determined according to the specific contract)
5) Sterilization service: 03-month warranty (In the condition that all goods are completely isolated)

– Inspection plan during warranty period: During the warranty period, HNPC plans to check for early detection of the pest infestation (if any) in the area under warranty to handle timely.
– Free treatment cost: During the warranty period if the pests appear in the guaranteed area, let’s call us at the telephone number 1800545468, HNPC will assign the staff to check and solve the problem for free for this treatment.

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