Cockroach Control For Family


IGR Cockroach Bait is a slow-acting bait, ensuring enough time for the bait being transferred to other cockroaches owing to their habit of eating each other’s faeces. Actually, IGR Bait is a drug to control the growth of cockroaches and make them lost the ability to replace their skin. It is made of a substance called “kitin” and has a low level of toxicity, ensuring no harm to humans. Used under the form of small rounds, these baits are attractive to cockroaches and have long insecticidal effectiveness, often up to several months.

Permethrin: In some cases, we recommend using a synthetic Pyrethroid insecticide called Permethrin inside the holes of roof and under the floor. Permethrin is similar to the naturally-occurring chemicals in chrysanthemums with a lower level of toxicity than edible salt but has an insecticidal effectiveness.

To determine the exact cost of cockroach control service, an on-site inspection is required. Treatment cost depends on the size of the house, the ease of access to different parts of the house and customers’ requirements.


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