It is a patented Reticulation System designed to effectively treat the area under concrete slabs, for protection against infestation by subterranean termites and around the external perimeter of structures to prevent termites entering from the outside of a building. Altis is installed prior to laying of the concrete slab for the internal system and externally after external work has been completed but prior to any concreting, paving etc. Chemicals are added after the concrete slab has dried and so does not expose occupants to chemicals. HNPC is honored to be one of the pioneers in applying this technology in Vietnam.

ALTIS is the only system which:

– Can be run 50 metres from any one take off point

– Can achieve a complete perimeter barrier from one pump up point (to a maximum 100 lineal metres).

– Does not need to have individual lines balanced

– Has scientifically designed and regulated delivery points (emitters) which ensure the correct amount of chemical is delivered to all areas being treated

– ALTIS achieves remarkable accuracy in delivery of chemicals

– Can be used on sites where there is a 5 metre height difference between pump up point and other sections of the site

– Has a favourable engineers report confirming that Altis operates effectively in CLAY even if clay subsidence occurs

– Brightly coloured purple pipe distinguishes the system from other materials on site

Why Reticulations is the best termite management system?

Chemicals eradicate termites. Physical barriers only impede concealed entry Reticulation (particularly ALTIS) ensures that accurately designed rates of chemical are applied evenly.

Traditional handspraying achieves haphazard results and is not permitted by some local councils and/or some States of Australia

Reticulation greatly decreases exposure to chemicals as pumping is carried out after construction is complete

Reticulation allows for the treatment to be replaced/recharged with no disruption and no unsightly excavation or drilling

The cost benefit over time is considered as recharge costs are significantly lower than a drill and trench retreatment.

ALTIS is the ONLY system which can treat 50 lineal metres from ONE pump-up point. By use of a multiple manifold system, additional 50 metre runs or shorter can be installed. The only limitations being the capacity of the delivery pump.

As most residences have less than 100 lineal metres circumference the ALTIS system can be recharged from one pump-up point. Making for ease of recharging and also making the system less obtrusive.

Multiple Altis lines do not need to be balanced. This means that you can run differing lengths of lines from the one manifold, simplifying calculations and making the system close to foolproof.


WHAT are the benefits of reticulation?

Chemical is injected next to footings without disturbance – making it safer

No disturbance to concrete and services – No drilling or cutting concrete.

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