Rodents are dangerous animals. They cause damage to property, food and etc.

Rodents often cause fires in buildings due to short-circuits when they gnaw and bite plastic wiring harnesses. Rodents always have to gnaw hard objects to sharpen their long teeth.
In addition, they live in the most unhygienic places, thus they can transmit the most dangerous pathogens for humans through faeces and especially their habit of continuous excretion (rodents use urine markers to find the road in the dark). Also, they can destroy utensils and food, causing you and your family great anxiety.

There are two types of common damaging rodents: black and brown mice. Identification of each species is very important for the design of an effective eradication program.
Where do rodents live and reproduce? Rodents live in drains, under concrete, in subfloors and in garbage collection areas, in the kitchen, in roof gaps, and in other areas where food sources and moisture are abundant.

Rodents are particularly annoyed by the cold winter months when they try to find food and warmth inside buildings. They can appear suddenly in large quantities when their nest is dug or their food sources are lacking. For example, mice feeding on school grounds may move to adjacent buildings during school breaks.
Rodents are often a big problem when a house is located next to sewers, creeks or canals or other places with an available water source.

Rodent control methods

Professional knowledge of rodents’ characteristics plays a very important role in addressing the problem. For example, the mouse always avoids the pieces that are touched by human hands – they have a very sensitive sense of smell.
Rodent control options may include the use of mouse baits, mechanical traps and selective use of the latest glue traps. Any bait option should use by safe products, and they should be kept away from children and pets – for example, placing in roof holes, subfloors or closed storage room.
Call the experts when doing any baiting to get quick control using the latest and safety technology. Some old mouse baits are no longer effective because rodents have become resistant to these medications because these baits have been used extensively for the last 30 years.
Prevention of rodent: For prevention, we recommend that the homeowners seal all the accessible points to prevent them from entering the house. In some cases, this can be done by the homeowner or hired person. In more complex locations or businesses, pest control specialists can provide technical standards and take measures to prevent rodents from entering buildings.
Home Cleaning: Harmful rodents are commonly found in places where food sources and water are abundant. Make sure all food in the container is properly sealed carefully. Waste should also be kept in a closed area. Do not leave water bowls and pet food outdoors at night as this will encourage rodents to enter the house.
To determine the exact cost of rodent control service, an on-site inspection is required. Treatment cost depends on the size of your place, the level of rodent infestation in your place (due to frequent monitoring and bait addition at places). The applied warranty conditions for the services also depend on specific circumstances.

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